Bee Mites : Acari : Parasitiformes : Mesostigmata : Ascidae : Lasioseius

Lasioseius penicilliger (Berlese, 1916)

Lasioseius (Zercoseius) penicilliger Berlese, 1916: 44;
Lasioseius penicilliger: Evans, 1958: 219, Fig. 68; Bregetova, 1977: 180, Figs 106,3.

Distribution. Canada: Nova Scotia; Mexico; British Isles; Italy (type locality); Germany; former Czechosovakia, Iran, New Zealand (Bregetova, 1977; Crozier, 1989; Estebanes-Gonzalez, 1997; Haragsim et al., 1987; Hughes, 1976; Kamali at al., 2001; Macfarlane, 2005; Mosaddegh, 1997).

Biology. This species was found in decaying wood, old grassland and fields, in soil, nests of mammals and birds, in mills, on damp barley, and in beehives (Apis mellifera) and bumble bee (Bombus) nests. No harm to the bees was reported. Hughes (1976) speculates that this species might feed on mould.

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