Bee Mites : Acari : Parasitiformes : Mesostigmata : Ascidae

Genus Lasioseius  Berlese, 1916

Lasioseius Berlese, 1916: 34 (type species Seius musicatus [lapsus pro muricatus] Berlese, 1887 (non Koch, 1839) (=Typhlodromus berlesei Oudemans, 1938) by original designation) (part.); Halliday et al., 1998: 24 (their synonymy).

Type speices Seius musicatus [lapsus pro muricatus] Berlese, 1887 (non Koch, 1839) (=Typhlodromus berlesei Oudemans, 1938) by original designation

General Description. Lasioseius, with approximately 100 described species, is probably the most morphologically diverse genus of Ascidae (Halliday et al., 1998). Species of this genus were found on rotting organic substances, in forest litter, moss, soil, in nests of small mammals and birds, under bark, in bracket-fungi, tree-holes, stored products, in warehouses, and hay. Several species were collected in beehives: Lasioseius penicilliger Berlese, 1916 in Canada, the former Czechoslovakia, and Iran (Crozier, 1989; Haragsim et al., 1987; Mosaddegh, 1997); Lasioseius berlesei (Oudemans, 1938) in Europe and Canada (Homann, 1933; Walter & Lindquist, 1989), and Lasioseius furcisetus Athias-Henriot, 1959 in the Western part of the former USSR (Bregetova, 1977). Lasioseius sp. was recorded from the Philippines in association with Apis cerana and Apis mellifera (Malabanan and Corpuz-Raros, 1998). There is no evidence, however, that beehives are their primary habitat.

Identification. See key to genera here.

Species associated with bees.

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