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The Ampulicidae are now considered to be a subfamily of Sphecine wasps, which means that their subfamily status changes the name to Ampulicinae. There are only two genera of the group in North America, and in Michigan, there are only the species listed below. Until 1988, there were no published records from Michigan (O'Brien 1988).

Ampulicidae prey on cockroaches, and Williams (1929) provided a very detailed account of their behavior. After the wasp has stung and paralyzed a roach, it drags the prey to a bark flap or other suitable niche and deposits an egg on the venter of the roach. The egg hatches and the larva feeds upon the still-alive but immobile prey.

Ampulex canaliculata


Ampulex canaliculata Say. This species is far more common southward, but has been taken as far north as Marquette Co. It nests in cavities in branches, under loose bark and borings in wood. Collection Dates : 9 July - 25 August

Dolichurus greenei

Dolichurus greenei Rohwer. This widely-distributed species nests under leaf litter in the woods and preys upon nymphs of Parcoblatta spp. Collection Dates: 19 July - 3 August. Most records are from Malaise traps.

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