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Podalonia robusta

Podalonia robusta (Cresson) 1865. This species is distributed throughout the montane and northern areas of North America much like P. Iuctuosa. In Michigan, it is found primarily in the UP and NLP.

BIOLOGY: Females prey on a variety of cutworms in disturbed sandy areas. One female in Crawford Co. was carrying a noctuid caterpillar venter-up along the margin of a compacted sandy road ( 1 August) when she was collected. There appears to be only one generation per year, based upon collection records and feld observations.

FLOWER RECORDS: Asclepias sp., Linaria vulgaris, Melilotus offcinalis, Pastinaca sativa, Solidago spp.

COLLECTION DATES: 140 specimens, 11 June to 25 September. The majority of dates are from mid-June to mid-August.


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