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 Podium luctuosum

Podium luctuosum Smith 1856. This uncommon species has been collected only in Livingston (ESGR), Kalamazoo and St. Joseph counties. An inhabitant of mesic woodlands, it should be found in other areas of the SLP. Podium luctuosum has been infrequently collected from New York south to Texas, Missouri, and Kansas (Krombein 1979). The Michigan records considerably extend the known range.

BIOLOGY: These wasps prey on cockroaches, which, after being paralyzed, are placed in simple mud-covered cells under bark flaps or in pre-existing cavities in wood. Parcoblatta viriginica (Brunner) and Parcoblatta uhleriana (Saussure) adults have been recorded as prey (Pate 1949, Krombein 1967). Three species of Parcoblatta occur in Michigan (Cantrall 1968) and are likely prey of P. luctuosum. Females caught at the ESGR were hunting amongst fallen branches in an oak woods, whereas the specimens from Kalamazoo and St. Joseph counties were caught in Malaise traps.

COLLECTION DATES: Seven specimens, 15 June to 18 July.

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