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Palmodes dimidiatus

Palmodes dimidiatus (DeGeer) 1773. The only member of this genus in eastern North America, P. dimidiatus is recorded from scattered localities in Michigan. Although only one record exists from the UP (Marquette Co.), it may occur in other areas where its prey is found.

BIOLOGY: Females nest in sandy soil, storing a single prey (usually a nymphal tettigoniid) in a shallow, one-celled nest (Krombein 1979). A female nymph of Atlanticus testaceous Scudder is the only prey record for the state (ESGR). Females at the ESGR hunted for Atlanticus nymphs in open oak-hickory woods with low, shrubby undergrowth. Krombein (1979) listed other prey records in addition to A. testaceous.

COLLECTION DATES: 50 specimens, 19 June to 28 August. Most records are from late July.


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