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Eremnophila aureonotata

Eremnophila aureonotata (Cameron) 1888. A member of a predominantly Neotropical genus, E. aureonotata extends from southern Canada to Central America (Krombein 1979). In Michigan, it has been found in the central and southern LP, but is not commonly collected.

BIOLOGY: Nests are dug in sandy or loamy soils, and are provisioned with a single large caterpillar. Nests are simple and unicellular like those of other Ammophilini. Females are often seen searching among the leaves of oaks for prey. Krombein (1979) listed Heterocampa guttivitta (Walker) and an unknown hesperiid larva as prey.

COLLECTION DATES: 90 specimens, 24 June to 20 September. Most dates range from late July to mid-August.

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