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Ammophila evansi

Ammophila evansi Menke 1964. This species is apparently restricted to eastern North America (Krombein 1979, Finnamore 1982). In Michigan, it is found only in the UP and Isle Royale, where exposed rocky outcrops occur (O'Brien and O'Brien 1988).

BIOLOGY: Females nest in pockets of loamy soil nestled among vegetation on outcrops of exposed rock. The burrow is temporarily closed while the wasp is off hunting. A single large, noctuid larva (Zale sp.) is placed in the shallow burrow (O'Brien and O'Brien 1988).

FLOWER RECORDS: Rhus glabra, Rubus idaeus, Solidago hispida.

COLLECTION DATES: 35 specimens, 9 June to 17 August.

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