Bee Mites : Acari : Acariformes : Trombidiformes : Trochometridiidae

Genus Trochometridium  Cross, 1965

Trochometridium Cross, 1965 116 (type species Trochometridium tribulatum Cross, 1965 by original designation).

Type speices Trochometridium tribulatum Cross, 1965 by original designation

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General Description. The genus includes five nominal species. Trochometridium tribulatum Cross is a polyxenous cleptoparasite of ground nesting bees in the Nearctic and Afrotropic regions. Trochometridium iranicum Hajiqanbar and Khaustov, 2009 was collected from the halictid bee Pseudapis nilotica (Smith, 1875) in Iran. Trochometridium chinensis (Mahunka, 1966) is a polyxenous cleptoparasite of wasps (China, New Guinea) and dermapterans (Iran). Trochometridium kazachstanicum Khaustov et Eidelberg, 2002 was found on carabid and scarabeid beetles in Kazakhstan and Iran, while Trochometridium kermanicum Mortazavi et Hajiqanbar, 2011 was described from an elaterid beetle in Iran. In addition, an undescribed species was recorded from Lasioglossum eremaean in Australia (Cross and Bohart, 1979; Hajiqanbar et al., 2009; Khaustov et Eidelberg, 2002; Lindquist, 1986; Mortazavi et al., 2009; Walter et al., 2002).
Biology is only known for Trochometridium tribulatum.

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Trochometridium tribulatum, phoretic female, ex Melissodes sp., USA: Arizona, BMOC 03-0821-006



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