Trigonholaspis amaltheae, female, ex Trigona amalthea, Colombia (after Vitzthum, 1930) title=
Fig. 1. Trigonholaspis amaltheae, female, ex Trigona amalthea, Colombia (after Vitzthum, 1930). Click to enlarge

Bee Mites : Acari : Parasitiformes : Mesostigmata : Macrochelidae : Trigonholaspis

Trigonholaspis amaltheae Vitzthum, 1930

Trigonholaspis amaltheae Vitzthum in Salt, 1929: 447 (nomen nudum); Vitzthum, 1930: 311, Figs 19-22; Turk, 1948: 83 (comparison with Eumellitiphis); Flechtmann and Camargo, 1979: 315 (mention); Krantz, 1998: 106.
Grafia amaltheae: Krantz, 1962: 163; Eickwort, 1988: 329 (listed in table).

Identification. See key here.

Hosts. Trigona amalthea (Olivier, 1789).

Distribution. Colombia: Magdalena (type locality)

Biology. Collected in the nest of Trigona amalthea.

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Trigonholaspis amaltheae, female, ex Trigona amalthea, Colombia (after Vitzthum, 1930)
Trigonholaspis amaltheae, male, ex Trigona amalthea, Colombia (after Vitzthum, 1930)



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