Chaetodactylus lithurgi, phoretic deutonymph, ex Lithurgus apicalis, Idaho, BMOC 96-0510-009
Fig. 1. Chaetodactylus lithurgi, phoretic deutonymph, ex Lithurgus apicalis, Idaho, BMOC 96-0510-009 Click to enlarge

Bee Mites : Acari : Acariformes : Sarcoptiformes : Chaetodactylidae : Chaetodactylus

Chaetodactylus lithurgi Klimov and OConnor, 2004

Chaetodactylus lithurgi Klimov and OConnor, 2004: 173; Klimov and OConnor, 2008: 121

Material (show database records) (USA). Holotype: HDN - New Mexico, Colfax Co., Cimarron Canyon, ex Lithurgus apicalis (propodeum/metepisternum), 12 Jun 1956, R. & K. Dreisbach, MSU, BMOC 95-0323-021. Paratypes: 14 + 5 + 5 + 4 HDN (propodeum/metepisternum + propodeum + wingbase + hindleg), other data as for holotype; 3+1 HDNs - same data (propodeum+pronotum), MSU, BMOC 95-0323-020; 2 + 1 HDNs - Cibola Co., El Malpais National Monument, North Pasture, T7N R10W S30 NOPA, ex L. apicalis (pronotum + 1st metasomal tergite), 26 Aug 1991, D.C. Lightfoot, USNM, BMOC 96-0510-008; 1 HDN - Arizona, Pima Co., Tucson, ex L. apicalis (1st metasomal tergite), on Opuntia (Caryophyllales: Cactaceae), 28 May 1953, G. D. Butler, USNM, BMOC 96-0510-007; 15 HDN'S - Santa Cruz Co., Santa Rita Mountains, ex L. apicalis (propodeum), 5 Sep 1937, W. Benedict, KU, BMOC 96-0916-191; 3 + 1 HDNs - Colorado, Fremont Co., Cañon City, ex L. apicalis (1st metasomal tergite/propodeum/midfemur + pronotum), 3 Jul 1949, L. D. Beamer, KU, BMOC 96-0916-192; 14 HDN'S - Idaho, Fremont Co., St. Anthony Sand Dunes, ex L. apicalis (ventral metasoma), 29 Jun 1977, W.F. Barr, USNM, BMOC 96-0510-009; 7 + 5 HDN'S - Texas, Big Bend National Park, Oak Canyon, 1400-1520m., ex Lithurgus littoralis (between hind coxae + propodeum), on Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) DC. (Fabales: Fabaceae), 11 Apr 1986, T. Griswold, USNM, BMOC 96-0510-011; 6 + 5 HDNs - Lee Co., Giddings, ex Lithurgus gibbosus (forewing base + propodeum), on Opuntia, 10 May 1953, L.D. Beamer, KU, BMOC 96-0916-199; 5 HDN'S - same locality and host, on Opuntia (around wing bases), 12 May 1953, R. H. Beamer KU, BMOC 96-0916-200; 6 HDNs - Maverick Co., Quemado, ex L. littoralis (proboscidial fossa) on Opuntia, 11 Apr 1950, Michener, Rozen, Beamer & Stephen, KU, BMOC 96-0916-204. Holotype in MSU, paratypes in IRSNB, KU, MSU, HNHM, UMMZ, USNM.
Non-type material. 10 HDNs - Arizona, Cochise Co., Portal, ex Lithurgus apicalis on posterior mesosoma and 1st metasomal tergite, 6 Jun 1967, W. J. Gertsch, AMNH, BMOC 04-0508-145; 2HDNs - Pima Co., Continental, 31°50'32.3''N 110°57'17.1''W, elev. 936 m. Opuntia/cholla, ex Diadasia sp. wing base and middle trochanter, 19 May 2004, P. Klimov UMMZ BMOC 04-0524-012; 10HDNs - Pima Co., Continental, 31°50'32.3''N 110°57'17.1''W, elev. 936 m., Opuntia, ex L. apicalis on ventral mesosoma, 19 May 2004, P. Klimov, UMMZ BMOC 04-0524-013. Voucher specimens in OSAL, UMMZ, UNAM.
Identification. See key. Click here for multivariate discrimination between 3 cryptic species. Known from phoretic deutonymphs only.
Biology. In Arizona is found phoretic on bee species of the genus Lithurgus flying in the spring. This contrasts to the nearly sympatric species Chaetodactylus abditus associated with Lithurgus species which are active during the fall.

Hosts. Lithurgus (Lithurgopsis) apicalis Cresson, 1875 (type host)
Lithurgus (Lithurgopsis) littoralis Cockerell, 1917
Lithurgus (Lithurgopsis) gibbosus Smith, 1853
Distribution (show map). USA: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico (type locality), Texas.

Klimov, P. B. & B. M. OConnor. 2004. Multivariate discrimination among cryptic species of the mite genus Chaetodactylus (Acari: Chaetodactylidae) associated with bees of the genus Lithurgus (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) in North America. Experimental and Applied Acarology.33: 157-182.
Klimov, P. B. & B. M. OConnor. 2007. Ancestral area analysis of chaetodactylid mites (Acari: Chaetodactylidae), with description of new early derivative genus and six new species from the Neotropics. Annals of the Entomological Society of America.100: 810-829.

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Chaetodactylus dementjevi, phoretic deutonymph, ex Chalicodoma bombycina, Finland, BMOC 96-0510-196
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Phoretic deutonymphs of Chaetodactylus lithurgi on the bee Lithurgus apicalis, Arizona, BMOC 96-0916-191
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