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Chaetodactylus dalyi (Fain, 1974)

Chaetodactylus dalyi Fain, 1974a: 213 (holotype and 3 paratype HDNs in MRAC; short description of HDN); Klimov & OConnor, 2007: 826 (remark on morphology); Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 216 (included in key, Lithurgus pullatus and "L. aethiops" shown to be principal hosts)
Chaetodactylus (Chaetodactylus) dalyi: Fain, 1981b: 6, Figs. 5,6,11 (redescription of HDN, included in key, inconsistency with original locality data, emendation of paratype repository (IRSNB))

Material (show database records).
Ceratina (Pithitis) inermis Friese, 1905 (as Ceratina turneri) (type host, South Africa) (Fain, 1974a)
Ceratina sp. (Zimbabwe or Mozambique) (Fain, 1974a; Fain, 1981b)
Lithurgus pullatus Vachal, 1903 (Mozambique) (Klimov & OConnor , 2008)
Lithurgus aethiops (not found in ITIS) (Mozambique) (Klimov & OConnor , 2008)

Distribution (show map). South Africa: "Natal" (type locality), Limpopo ("Transvaal"), KwaZulu-Natal (Saint Lucia "Sta Lucia, Natal"), Zimbabwe (Fain, 1974a) or Mozambique (Fain, 1981b) was inconsistently indicated for the same paratype specimen ex Ceratina sp. (bee no 285); Mozambique (Klimov & OConnor , 2008).


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