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Note: This website is moving to a new web address: Please update your bookmarks. Sincere thanks are given to the UMMZ-Insect Division for hosting the site for the past 10 years, providing our research community a place to access information. This address ( will continue to function for a number of months, but its pages will no longer be updated as the new site (as of February 25, 2014) is up and running.


This is your place for finding researchers, news, and other resources regarding Chironomidae (Diptera), or non-biting midges. This site continues to undergo changes in organization in order to make this site more useful and accessible. The webmaster would appreciate receiving any suggestions for further improving this site. Your participation is crucial - this is your community, and your resource.

With this in mind, several requests. Please let the webmaster know of anyone who should be removed from the worker directory, or have had their directory information (e.g., addresses, contact information, interests) changed. Second, please provide information regarding meetings, conferences, and research projects involving Chironomidae. Finally, to enhance the visual appeal and communicate to others what we do, please submit chironomid photographs of all life stages for inclusion in the Home Page. Proper credit, citation and copyright protection will, of course, be given.

What's new?

Below are links of events and meetings, newsletters, important publications, research web sites and other recent items of interest to the Chironomid community. If you know of something that would interest the chironomid researcher, please let the webmaster know about it so that it can be included.

Chironomus anthracinus from Lake Esrum, Denmark, late April © 2004, Klaus Brodersen, used with permission.
(A picture of a Dalmatian)

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