bee mites identification
© Dr. Barry OConnor and Dr. Pavel B. Klimov, University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology

The program Visual Key© brings interactive specimen
identification to a new level. This program combines standard
features of interactive keys, such as multi-entry input
and dynamic searches for the shortest path to identification,
with image-based selection of characters. Using this,
identification can be accomplished quickly and without any
previous knowledge of the unknown organism. We are
developing a key that will enable identification
of more than 100 bee mite species in
only 8 steps. The project is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. The key is still under construction. It currently allows identification only to family and about 1/3 of the characters are not yet illustrated. The complete identification tool will be ready in 2005. Until then, here are links to other keys to families, genera and species. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Visual Key: Interactive key to bee mites or bee-associated mites (Acari)

Interactive Key to North American Bee Mites, Bee-Associated Mites
Interactive identification
Taxonomic Key Words: Order Parasitiformes: Ameroseiidae, Ascidae, Diplogyniidae, Laelapidae, Macrochelidae, Parasitidae, Trachyuropodidae, Triplogyniidae
Order Acariformes, Suborder Trombidiformes: Cheyletidae, Ereynetidae, Erythraeidae, Neotrombidiidae, Podapolipidae, Pyemotidae, Pygmephoridae, Scutacaridae, Tarsonemidae, Trochometridiidae, Tydeidae.
Order Acariformes, Suborder Sarcoptiformes: Acaridae, Carpoglyphidae, Chaetodactylidae, Gaudiellidae, Histiostomatidae, Meliponocoptidae, Suidasiidae, Winterschmidtiidae