Bee Mites : Acari : Parasitiformes : Mesostigmata : Parasitidae

Genus Vulgarogamasus  Tichomirov, 1969

Parasitus (Vulgarogamasus) Tichomirov, 1969a: 1335 (Type species Parasitus (Vulgarogamasus) burchanensis Oudemans, 1903 = Parasitus burchanensis Oudemans, 1903 by original designation); Tichomirov, 1977: 61.
Vulgarogamasus: Hyatt, 1980: 290; El-Banhawy and Nasr, 1986: 71.

Type speices Parasitus (Vulgarogamasus) burchanensis Oudemans, 1903 = Parasitus burchanensis Oudemans, 1903 by original designation

General Description. This genus includes 39 described species distributed in the New and Old World (Bai et al., 1995; Bai et al., 1991; El-Banhawy and Nasr, 1986; Hyatt, 1980; Gu and Guo, 1997; Gu and Huang, 1993; Gu et al., 1987; Karg, 1998; Ma, 1987; Ma, 1990; Ma et al., 2002; Ma-Liming and Wang-Shenron, 1996; Tichomirov, 1969a; Tseng, 1995; Ye and Ma, 1996; Ye et al., 1996). Many species of the genus are habitat generalists living in dung, decaying seaweed, forest litter, poultry litter, moss, and nests of small mammals and birds. One species, Vulgarogamasus sphecophilus (Cooreman, 1945), is restricted to the nests of wasps. Vulgarogamasus pollinerus El-Banhawy et Nasr, 1984 has been previously known only from a bee hive in Ithaca, New York. We found this species on bumblebees and in their nests. Vulgarogamasus cornutosimilis (Schweizer, 1949) (=Parasitus cornutosimilis (Karg, 1985; Micherdzinski, 1969)) is a little-known species described from Switzerland from Bombus terrestris and then recorded from Romania (forest litter) (Stănescu and Gwiazdowicz, 2004). Its two-pronged tectum resembles that of V. pollinerus. Finally, Vulgarogamasus aff. kraepelini was reported from honeybees in the Czech Republic (Haragsim et al., 1978)

Species found in association with bees.

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