Bee Mites : Acari : Acariformes : Trombidiformes : Tydeidae

Genus Tydeus  Koch, 1836

Tydeus: André, 2005: 978 (diagnosis, new type species proposal) (his synonymy)
Calotydeus Oudemans, 1937: 922 (type species Acarus croceus L., 1758) (synonymized by André, 2005)

Type speices Tydeus spathulatus Oudemans, 1928. Designated by Opinion 2190 ICZN (2008), see Case 3354 (André and Kaźmierski 2006).

General Description. The majority of species of Tydeus are moss inhabitants (Momen and Lundqvist 2005). Some species occur on tree foliage, stored products, vertebrate nests and beehives. They are omnivorous scavengers and can also prey on the smallest arthropods and their eggs (Kaźmierski 2009). Unidentified species of Tydeus were repeatedly collected in beehives throughout the world (Chmielewski 1971, Haragsim et al. 1978, Homann 1933, Kamali et al. 2001, Malabanan and Corpuz-Raros 1998). Tydeus interruptus was found in bumblebee nests in New Zealand (Macfarlane, 2005), Tydeus xylocopae in the nest of a large carpenter bee in Indonesia (Oudemans, 1926).
The taxonomy of this genus is complicated, with many unrecognizable species described by earlier acarologists and the existence of several systematic treatments contradicting each other (André 2005). Major advances were made only recently, when re-examination of type species from Oudemans’ collection was made (André 2005).


Notes. There is no agreement over the year of the original description of Tydeus Koch. Most workers agree that the first description of Tydeus appeared in "Koch, C.L. Deutschlands Crustaceen, Myriapoden und Arachniden. Ein Beitrag zur deutschen Fauna, Heft 4 (=Heft 137)." The most recent treatment cites the year as 1836 (André, 2005), with a discussion on publication date of Heft 4 - either 1836 or 1837 and the warrant that the year can not be found on the author's personal reprint. Oudemans (1937) gives the same year for Heft 4. However, the Nomenclator Zoologicus online database indicates that Heft 4 had been published in 1837. Kaźmierski (1989) gives 1835 for Tydeus Koch, without explicitly citing the original Koch's work or any further discussion on the matter.

Species associated with bees.

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