Sennertia zhelochovtsevi, lectotype, phoretic deutonymph, ex Xylocopa olivieri, Greece
Fig. 1. Sennertia zhelochovtsevi, lectotype, phoretic deutonymph, ex Xylocopa olivieri, Greece Click to enlarge

Bee Mites : Acari : Acariformes : Sarcoptiformes : Chaetodactylidae : Sennertia : Sennertia species

Sennertia zhelochovtsevi Zachvatkin, 1941

Sennertia zhelochovtsevi Zachvatkin, 1941: 388, Figs 661, 666-668 [Lectotype (designated by Klimov & OConnor (2008)) and 2 paralectotype HDNs in ZIN]; Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 236 (lectotype designation); Turk, 1948: 84 (comparison with S. donaldi); Klimov et al., 2007a: 1371 (HDN included in morphological phylogenetic analysis); Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 237
Sennertia (Sennertia) zhelochovtsevi: Fain, 1981a: 148 (included in key, short redescription of HDN, assigned to horrida-group)

Material (show database records).
Xylocopa olivieri Lepeletier, 1841 (type host)
Xylocopa rufa Friese, 1901
Distribution (show map). Greece (type locality), Turkey, Armenia, "Middle Asian republics" of the former USSR (including Uzbekistan), Iran (our data, unpubl.).


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Klimov, P. B. & B. M. OConnor. 2008. Morphology, evolution, and host associations of bee-associated mites of the family Chaetodactylidae (Acari: Astigmata), with a monographic revision of North American taxa. Miscellaneous Publications Museum of Zoology University of Michigan.199: 1-243.
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