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Sennertia scutata Fain, 1974

Sennertia scutata Fain, 1974a: 217 (holotype and 28 paratype HDNs in MRAC; short description of HDN); Fain, 1980: 986, Figs 7-8 (redescription of HDN, mention that paratype specimens from C. nasalis (as C. viridior) have shorter setae c3 and may represent a new taxon);
Sennertia (Sennertia) scutata: Fain, 1981a: 159, Fig. 68 (only C. truncata indicated as host, redescription of HDN, included in key, assigned to cerambycina-group); Haitlinger, 2000: 17; Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 234 (description of some characters of adults originated from C. truncata, tentative correlation)

Material (show database records). 3m, 3f, 1PN - SOUTH AFRICA: Western Cape Prov., Worcester, Karoo Gardens, ex Ceratina truncata nest, H. V. Daly (A135), UMMZ BMOC 79-1125-003; 1f, 3 m, 1TN, 2 PN, 1L - 23.3 mi N Barrydale, ex Ceratina truncata nest in stem Cotyledon paniculatum (Rosales: Crassulaceae), H. V. Daly, UMMZ BMOC 79-1125-005; 6f, 4m, L - Worcester, Karoo Gardens, Ceratina sp. , lab nests, 4 Nov 1970, H. Daly, UMMZ BMOC 79-1125-002; 4f, 1m - 1.5. 1 mi N Barrydale, Ceratina sp. nest., 10 Nov 1970, H. Daly, #148 UMMZ BMOC 79-1125-004.
Voucher specimens in EMEC, UMMZ. (tentative correlation, no HDNs known from these series)

Ceratina (Dalyatina) truncata Friese, 1905 ("Cape") (type host)
Ceratina (Pithitis) nasalis Friese, 1905 (as Ceratina viridior) (Cape Town)
Distribution (show map). South Africa: former Cape Prov. (type locality) and Western Cape: Cape Town


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