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Sennertia greeni (Oudemans, 1917)

Hericia greeni Oudemans, 1917: 345 (holotype not designated, syntypes in RMNH (Buitendijk, 1945); short description of feeding instars, including male and female; no HDNs found)
"tiny mite" Green, 1902: 233 (proposed to be possible developmental stage of Dinogamasus (=Greenia) (Laelapidae))
Sennertia greeni: Oudemans, 1924: 330; Zachvatkin, 1941: 42; Lombert et al., 1987: 113; Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 228

Hosts. Found in nest of Xylocopa (Mesotrichia) tenuiscapa Westwood, 1840 (as Koptorthosoma tenuiscapa).
Distribution. Sri Lanka: Central (Eton estate) ("Eton Estate, Punduloga, Ceylon")


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