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Sennertia egyptiaca Elbadry, 1971

Sennertia egyptiaca Elbadry, 1971: 87, Figs 1-2 (holotype and some paratype HDNs in ESEC; remaining paratype HDNs in ASUA); Sherbef & Duweini, 1980: 246 (comparison with S. duweinii); Fain, 1981a: 182 (considered as inadequately described, closely related to S. cerambycina); Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 228

Biology. Found in the metasomal acarinarium (Elbadry, 1971).
Hosts. Xylocopa (Koptortosoma) aestuans
Distribution. Egypt: Al Qāhirah, Shubrā al Khaymah ("Shoubra Elkheima, Cairo") (type locality); Sudan


Elbadry, E. A. 1971. Sennertia egyptiaca sp. n. (Acari: Chaetodactylidae), a phoretic mite associated with the carpenter bee Xylocopa aestuans Linn. Zeitschrift für Angewandte Entomologie.69: 87-90.
Fain, A. 1981. A revision of the phoretic deutonymphs (hypopi) of the genus Sennertia Oudemans, 1905 (Acari, Astigmata, Chaetodactylidae). Systematic Parasitology.3: 145-183.
Klimov, P. B. & B. M. OConnor. 2008. Morphology, evolution, and host associations of bee-associated mites of the family Chaetodactylidae (Acari: Astigmata), with a monographic revision of North American taxa. Miscellaneous Publications Museum of Zoology University of Michigan.199: 1-243.
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