Sennertia donaldi, phoretic deutonymph, ex Xylocopa frontalis, Brazil, HK 84-0820-002
Fig. 1. Sennertia donaldi, phoretic deutonymph, ex Xylocopa frontalis, Brazil, HK 84-0820-002 Click to enlarge

Bee Mites : Acari : Acariformes : Sarcoptiformes : Chaetodactylidae : Sennertia : Sennertia species

Sennertia donaldi Turk, 1948

Sennertia donaldi Turk, 1948: 84, Figs 1-4 (Trinidad and Tobago: Saint George: Piarco, Xylocopa frontalis, syntypes in BMNH); Klimov et al., 2007b: 130 (removed from synonymy of Sennertia argentina); Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 148 (included in key)
Sennertia (Spinosennertia) argentina: Fain, 1981a: 176 (part.); Alzuet, Abrahamovich, 1987: 350 (part.); Haitlinger, 1999: 59 (part.)

Material (show database records). 19 HDNs – BRAZIL: Pará, no date, Baker, ex m Xylocopa frontalis, CUIC, HK 84-0820-002; 2 HDNs - Óbidos, ex Centris longimana (lateral mesosoma) (probably accidental association), no date, H. Rolle, CUIC BMOC 95-0422-027; 1 HDN - VENEZUELA: Monagas, 60 km SE Maturín,, A. Menke, ex f Xylocopa fimbriata (scutellum), LACM 208291 BMOC 04-1122-028; 16 HDNs - 42 km SE Maturín, 16.vii.1958, A. Menke, ex m X. fimbriata (on lateral mesosoma), LACM 208293, BMOC 04-1122-030; 17 HDNs - same locality, 11.vii.1958, A. Menke, ex m X. fimbriata (1st metasomal tergite), LACM 208295 BMOC 04-1122-032.
Description. Similar to Sennertia argentina, see differences in the key to species of Sennertia.
(Neoxylocopa) frontalis (Olivier, 1789) (type host)
Xylocopa (Neoxylocopa) fimbriata Fabricius, 1804
Distribution (Show map). Trinidad and Tobago (type locality), Brazil, Venezuela.
Notes. Fain (1981a) synonymized this species with Sennertia argentina. We found distinct differences between S. argentina and S. donaldi (see key) and, therefore, consider the latter as a valid species.


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