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Sennertia congoicola Fain, 1971

Sennertia congoicola Fain, 1971: 265 (holotype and 3 paratype HDNs in MRAC, short description of HDN, collected from 1st metasomal segment); Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 227
Sennertia (Sennertia) congoicola: Fain, 1981a: 161, Figs. 18, 19, 22, 67 (redescription of HDN, included in key, assigned to cerambycina group); Haitlinger, 1999: 59 (comparison with S. herminae); Haitlinger, 2000: 17

"Mesotrichia striata" (type host)
Xylocopa (Koptortosoma) imitator Smith, 1854
Xylocopa (Mesotrichia) torrida (Westwood, 1838)
(Fain, 1971, 1981a)

Distribution. Democratic Republic of the Congo


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