Sennertia augustii
Fig. 1. Sennertia augustii, heteromorphic deutonymph, Argentina, ex Xylocopa augusti. Click here to enlarge
Bee Mites : Acari : Acariformes : Sarcoptiformes : Chaetodactylidae : Sennertia

Sennertia augustii Alzuet and Abrahamovich, 1990

Sennertia augustii Alzuet & Abrahamovich, 1990: 628, Figs 1-20 (description of HDNs, L, PN, TN, PN, and adults. SEM pictures of chorion microstructure; holotype and 12 paratype HDNs in MLPA); Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 192 (morphometric analysis); Okabe et al., 2008: 1378

Material (show database records). 11 HDNs - ARGENTINA: Entre Ríos, Pronunciamiento, ex Xylocopa augusti on scutellum, 1 Feb 1964, F. H. Walz, USNM, BMOC 05-0420-037 (10 analysis); 14 HDNs - same data, posterior mesosoma, 1 Mar 1965, F. H. Walz, USNM, BMOC 05-0420-041, (5 revalidation); 22 HDNs - Lavalle Ajó, Buenos Aires, ex X. augusti on lateral propodeum, 10 Nov 1920, A. Wetmore, USNM, BMOC 05-0420-046 (5 validation); 37 HDNs - San Martin, Corrientes, ex X. augusti on scutellum, 1 Jan 1947, Rick Huidobro, USNM, BMOC 05-0420-048 (5 validation); 22 HDNs - Villa Encarnación, on flowers of Fuchsia, ex X. augusti on propodeum, 17 Feb 1904, no collector, USNM, BMOC 05-0420-047 (5 validation); 20 HDNs - ARGENTINA?, No location, X. augusti on base of propodeum, no date, F. H. Walz, USNM, BMOC 05-0420-035 (10 analysis); 11 HDNs – URUGUAY: Montevideo, Montevideo, X. augusti on metanotum in two compact clusters, no date, Sivori CAS, BMOC 03-0604-034 (11 analysis); 3HDNs - MEXICO: Michoacán, Apatzingan, 366m, ex f X. fimbriata on 1st metasomal tergite, 7 Aug 1940, Hoogstraal, Knight, INHS Insect Collection 62338, BMOC 04-1222-001 (2 analysis; originally shimanukii, classified as augustii). Voucher specimens in CAS, INHS, UMMZ, USNM.
Hosts. Xylocopa (Neoxylocopa) augusti, (?) Xylocopa fimbriata.
Distribution (show map). Argentina: Buenos Aires (Berazategui) (type locality), Uruguay, (?) Mexico
Note. This taxon can not be separated without an overlap from Sennertia frontalis and, especially Sennertia shimanukii in univariate and multivariate morphometric space (Klimov & OConnor, 2008). A molecular analysis is necessary to validate these taxa.


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Okabe, K., S. I. Makino & T. Endo. 2008. Polymorphism in the deutonymph and adult of Sennertia alfkeni (Acari: Chaetodactylidae) associated with the large carpenter bee, Xylocopa appendiculata circumvolans (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Journal of Natural History.42: 1361-1384.



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