Sennertia antarctica
Fig. 1. Sennertia antarctica, heteromorphic deutonymph (from Trägårdh, 1907).
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Bee Mites : Acari : Acariformes : Sarcoptiformes : Chaetodactylidae : Sennertia

Sennertia antarctica (Trägårdh, 1907)

Trichotarsus antarcticus Trägårdh, 1907: 12, Fig. 4 (holotype not designated, type depository probably NHRS)
Chaetodactylus antarcticus: Gressitt, 1967: 5 (listed in catalog); Gressitt & Weber, 1959: 445 (listed in catalog); Pugh, 1993: 373 (listed in catalog)
Sennertia antarctica Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 222

Host. "marine algae" (Trägårdh, 1907)
Distribution. "Antrarctica, Booth Is. (as Wandel Is.)" (Trägårdh, 1907)
Note. The original description (Trägårdh, 1907) provides a brief description of phoretic deutonymph (number of studied specimens not specified, presumably one). The author also speculates that "Trichotarsus antarcticus " may be the deutonymphal stage of supralittoral mites of the genus Hyadesia. This insufficiently described taxon is similar to several African species belonging to the cerambycina-group of the genus Sennertia. The geographic locality is, most likely, erroneous because carpenter bees, the only hosts of Sennertia, do not occur in Antarctica


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