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Sancassania (Ctenocolletacarus) grandior Fain, 1984, comb. n.

Ctenocolletacarus grandior Fain, 1984: 79, Figs 8, 9 (holotype HDN, ex Ctenocolletes centralis metasomal acarinarium, Western Australia (12.5 km ENE of Anketell HS 28°02'S, 118°51'E), in WAM; paratype HDNs in WAM, IRSNB, BMNH; included in key); Fain & Houston, 1986: 69 (rearing experiments from protonymphs found inside a single cell of Ctenocolletes nicholsoni yielded phoretic deutonymphs of both of C. longirostris and C. grandior; bee females occupying the nest were all carrying deutonymphs of C. grandior; mention that what they refer to under C. longirostris may be a mix of C. longirostris and C. grandior); Houston, 1987: 460 (observation on mite biology inside host bee nest; mention that specimens identified as "C. longirostris" may be a mix of C. longirostris and C. grandior) .

Biology. Deutonymph are found phoretic in circular metasomal acarinaria on the lateral margins of metasomal tergites 3 and 4. Houston (1987) gives a detailed biological account of "C. longirostris" (which may partially include C. grandior).

Identification. Known from phoretic deutonymphs (Fain, 1984; Fain & Houston, 1986).
Feeding stages may be indistinguishable from those of C. longirostris. See key to species of Sancassania (Ctenocolletacarus) based on phoretic deutonymphs.

Distribution. Australia: Western Australia (type locality).

Ctenocolletes centralis Houston, 1983 (type host).
Ctenocolletes nicholsoni (Cockerell, 1929)

Notes. Sibling species of C. longirostris.


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