Locustacarus buchneri (Podapolipidae), larvifrom female, dorsal view title=
Fig. 1. Locustacarus buchneri (Podapolipidae), larvifrom female, dorsal view. Click to enlarge
Bee Mites : Acari : Acariformes : Trombidiformes

Family Podapolipidae Ewing, 1922

Type genus Podapolipus Rovelli & Grassi, 1888

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General Description. This family includes 30 genera and 239 species (Zhang et al., 2011) of internal or external arthropod parasites which often display reductions in numbers of legs and gnathosomal structures. One species, Locustacarus buchneri, is associated with bees.

Notes. The genitive case of the Latin word polipus (variant of polypus) is polipi (polypi), thus the family name should be Podapolipidae, not Podapolipodidae.

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Genera associated with bees.

Zhang, Z.-Q., Q.-H. Fan, V. Pesic, H. Smit, A. V. Bochkov, A. A. Khaustov, A. Baker, A. Wohltmann, T. Wen, J. W. Amrine, P. Beron, J. Lin, G. Gabrys & R. Husband. 2011. Order Trombidiformes Reuter, 1909 Zootaxa.3148: 129-138.

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Locustacarus buchneri (Podapolipidae), larvifrom female, dorsal view



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