Bee Mites : Acari : Parasitiformes : Mesostigmata : Laelapidae : Pneumolaelaps

Pneumolaelaps mistipilus Hunter, 1966

Pneumolaelaps mistipilus Hunter, 1966: 363, Fig. 2; Hunter and Husband, 1973: 79, Figs 4M-N.

Material. 1 female from collection bottle with 5 species of Bombus (unprocessed).

Bombus (Bombias) nevadensis Cresson, 1874
Bombus (Bombus) affinis Cresson, 1863
Bombus (Fervidobombus) fervidus (Fabricius, 1798)
Bombus (Fervidobombus) pensylvanicus (DeGeer, 1773) (as americanorum)
Bombus (Fervidobombus) weisi Friese, 1903 (as Psithyrus laboriosus)
Bombus (Fraternobombus) fraternus (Smith, 1854)
Bombus (Psithyrus) ashtoni (Cresson, 1864)
Bombus (Pyrobombus) bimaculatus Cresson, 1863
Bombus (Pyrobombus) impatiens Cresson, 1863 (type host)
Bombus (Pyrobombus) perplexus Cresson, 1863
Bombus (Separatobombus) griseocollis (DeGeer, 1773)

Distribution. USA: Georgia (type locality); Michigan.

Hunter, P. E. 1966. The genus Pneumolaelaps with description of three new species (Acarina: Laelaptidae). Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society.39: 357-369.
Hunter, P. E. & R. W. Husband. 1973. Pneumolaelaps (Acarina: Laelapidae) mites from North America and Greenland. The Florida Entomologist.56: 77-91.



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