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Pneumolaelaps groenlandicus (Trägårdth, 1904)

Hypoaspis bombicolens (Can.) var. groenlandica Trägårdth, 1904: 34 (part); Hunter, 1966: 359 (part).
Pneumolaelaps groenlandica: Hunter and Husband, 1979: Fig. 1A-E (lectotype designation).
Hypoaspis (Pneumolaelaps) arctos Karg, 1984: 37, Figs 2, 3a-c, syn. n.
Non Hypoaspis bombicolens (Can.) var. groenlandica Trägårdth, 1904: 34, Figs 59-60.
Non Hypoaspis (Pneumolaelaps) ?groenlandicus Bregetova, 1977: 519, Fig. 411.
Non Hypoaspis (Pneumolaelaps) groenlandica Karg, 1982: 244; Karg, 1984: 36, Fig. 1b.

Material. 2 paralectotype females - Greenland: Vestgrønland, Tigssaluk [label reads Tigsaluk, Tlumle], ex Bombus sp. No. 31, 8 Aug 1889, W. Lundbeck.

Notes. Paralectotypes of Hypoaspis bombicolens var. groenlandica are represented by at least three species of Pneumolaelaps: 1) Pneumolaelaps sp. (single female in bad shape; neither resembles the original drawings nor subsequent interpretation of this species by Bregetova (1977) and Karg (1984)); 2) Pneumolaelaps groenlandica sensu Hunter et Husband, 1979 (we studied two paralectotype females, they do not correspond Trägårdth's original drawings); 3) Pneumolaelaps patae Hunter et Husband, 1979 (1 paratype female from Trägårdth's syntypes; probably, this is species that has been depicted by Trägårdth). Because Hunter et Husband (1979) designated a female of the second species as the lectotype for the Trägårdth's variety, it becomes the unique bearer of the name of Hypoaspis bombicolens var. groenlandica Trägårdth, 1904 and the standard for its application (ICZN, 1999, article 74.1).

Bombus sp. (type host)
Bombus (Alpinobombus) hyperboreus Schönherr, 1809
(Hunter and Husband, 1979; Karg, 1984; Trägårdth, 1904).

Distribution. Greenland (type locality); also recorded for Russia: Jinretlen (East Chukotka) (Hunter and Husband, 1979; Karg, 1984; Trägårdth, 1904).

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