Prodorsal sclerite, eyes, and anterior hysterosomal setae of the mite Neotrombidium sp. (Neotrombidiidae), larva, ex Xylocopa micans, USA: Florida, BMOC 03-0525-002 title=
Fig. 1. Prodorsal sclerite, eyes, and anterior hysterosomal setae of the mite Neotrombidium sp. (Neotrombidiidae), larva, ex Xylocopa micans, USA: Florida, BMOC 03-0525-002. Click to enlarge

Bee Mites : Acari : Acariformes : Trombidiformes

Family Neotrombidiidae Feider, 1955

Neotrombidiinae Feider, 1955: 56; Lindquist & Vercammen-Grandjean, 1971: 1557.
Neotrombidiidae: Vercammen-Grandjean, 1973: 110; Kethley, 1990: 705 (included in key); Beron, 1991: 4; Welbourn, 1991: 167; Southcott, 1996: 60; Walter at al., 2009: 277.

Type genus Neotrombidium Leonardi, 1902

General Description. This family includes five genera and 24 species (Feider, 1977; Krantz, 1978; Vercammen-Grandjean, 1973; Zhang et al., 2011). Larvae are parasitic on Coleoptera, Diptera, and rarely on Hymenoptera (our data), while postlarval stages, including adults, live in forest litter and under bark of trees where they presumably prey on other small arthropods. The family is worldwide in distribution, excluding boreal and polar regions (Lindquist and Vercammen-Grandjean, 1971; Singer, 1971).

Description. Palpal genu with one seta. One pair of dorsal trichobotria on prodorsal sclerite. Scutellum bearing setae c1 absent. Claparede's organ present. Postero-apical corner of at least posterior coxa with distinct reticulate pattern. Femur I with at least one solenidia and seven pilose setae. Femora II-III with at least two solenidia. Only one empodial claw present on each tarsus.

Notes. Some authors (e.g., Zhang et al., 2011) cite the year for this family as 1959. However, this family name was first proposed in 1955 (Feider, 1955).

Hosts. Xylocopa micans Lepeletier, 1841.

Genera associated with bees.

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    Prodorsal sclerite, eyes, and anterior hysterosomal setae of the mite Neotrombidium sp. (Neotrombidiidae), larva, ex Xylocopa micans, USA: Florida, BMOC 03-0525-002



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