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Achaetodactylus leleupi (Fain, 1974)

Chaetodactylus leleupi Fain, 1974a: 214 (short description, holotype and 40 paratype HDNs in MRAC) Chaetodactylus (Achaetodactylus) leleupi: Fain, 1981b: 4, Figs. 3,4,10 (emendation of paratype repository (IRSNB) and type locality).
Chaetodactylus (Achaetodactylus) leleupi: Fain & Pauly, 2001: 131, Figs 22-23 (indication of phoresy inside acarinarium 1st metasomal tergite of Ceratina nigriceps female (SE photo))
Achaetodactylus leleupi: Klimov et al., 2007a: 1371 (ex Ceratina diloloensis, Democratic Republic of the Congo, may represent another species, see notes to the key to species); Klimov & OConnor, 2008: 216

Biology. Found in the metasomal acarinarium of Ceratina nigriceps (Fain & Pauly, 2001)

Distribution (show map). Kenya: Nairobi (type locality), Tanzania, Cameroon.

Hosts. Ceratina ruwenzorica Cockerell, 1937 (type host)
Ceratina diloloensis Cockerell, 1932 (Kenya)
Ceratina spilota Cockerell, 1932 (Cameroon)
Ceratina (Hirashima) nigriceps Friese, 1905 (Tanzania)
Ceratina (Hirashima) lativentris Friese, 1905 (Tanzania) (Fain, 1981b)

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