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Welcome to the MOS!

The place for Michigan Odonata

The purpose of the MOS is to:

Encourage the study of Odonata

Document the species that occur in Michigan

Obtain better data on the abundance and distribution of federal and state-listed species

Define the flight periods and ranges for the species that are found in the state

Record, in a database, pertinent information on locality, habitat, phenology, and and ecology for use in publications devoted to the Odonata fauna of the state of Michigan.

To produce an atlas of Michigan Odonata for use by professionals and amateurs alike.


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Odonata Blogs

Blogging has not escaped our attention. What better way to keep people informed of what's going on. It also affords us to have our own personalized view of the world available to others.

Two blogs of immediate interest to MOS mebers - Michigan Odonotes

and Urban Dragon Hunters

Also check out the amazing Dragonflies group on Flickr, with thousands of Odonata images!

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