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ZYGOPTERA - Damselflies
Amphiagrion saucium MFO
Argia apicalis - MFO
Argia fumipennis C.W.
Argia moesta C.W.
Argia moesta pair C.W.
Argia sedula C.W.
Calopteryx aequabilis - MFO
Calopteryx maculata - MFO
Calopteryx maculata PM
Enallagma basidens - MFO
Enallagma boreale - MFO
Enallagma civile male - MFO
Enallagma civile mating - MFO
Enallagma hageni - MFO
Hetaerina americana - MFO
Telebasis salva C.W.
 ANISOPTERA - Dragonflies
Aeshna interrupta - MFO
Aeshna teneral - WW
Aeshna verticalis- A.C.
Anax junius pair MFO
Anax junius - teneral - CF
Anax longipes C.W.
Basiaeschna janata - A.C.
Boyeria vinosa exuvium - MFO
Boyeria vinosa - MFO
Celithemis elisa-
Celithemis elisa - male - MFO
 Celithemis eponina MFO
Cordulegaster diastatops- TWD
Cordulia shurtleffi - MFO
Didymops transversa - teneral - L.R.
Didymops transvera emerging - L.R.
Didymops transversa- AC
Epitheca cynosura - male - MFO
Epitheca princeps - A.C.
Erythemis simplicicollis - male, MFO
Erythemis simplicicollis - male
 Erythemis simplicicollis - female - A.C.
Erythemis simplicicollis female feeding - SER
Gomphoides stigmatus C.W.
Gomphus fraternus- TWD
Gomphus lividus - TWD

Hagenius brevistylus - MFO

Hylogomphus adelphus - TWD
Ladona (Libellula) julia - MFO
Ladona julia male - MFO 
Leucorrhinia intacta - A.C.
Leucorrhinia proxima - MFO
Libellula croceipennis - female C.W.
Libellula croceipennis - male C.W.
Libellula cyanea - male - MFO
 Libellula luctuosa male - SER
Libellula pulchella - A.C.
Libellula quadrimaculata var. praenubila - MFO
Macromia annulata C.W.
Macromia georgina C.W.
Nannothemis bella - fem - SER
Nannothemis bella- male - SER
Ophiogomphus howei - TWD
Pachydiplax longipennis - A.C.
Perithemis tenera - female
Plathemis (Libellula) lydia - A.C.

Plathemis (Libellula) lydia - MFO

P. lydia - another shot - MFO

Progomphus obscurus - P Myers
Somatochlora hineana - MFO
Somatochlora hineana -MFO
Somatochlora tenebrosa - MFO
Somatochlora minor - MFO
Stylurus spiniceps - CF
Sympetrum costiferum- fem, MFO
Sympetrum danae
Sympetrum sp. 1 - MFO
Sympetrum vicinum - PM
Tachopteryx thoreyi
Tramea lacerata - AC
Williamsonia fletcheri (SR)
Williamsonia lintneri (SR)

Photo Credits: C.W. = Curtis Williams; MFO - Mark O'Brien; WW= William Westrate; A.C. = Allen Chartier; L.R. = Louanne Reich; CF = Carl Freeman; SR - Stephen Ross; PM = Phil Myers; TWD- Nick Donnelly

Photographs of Argia species by Dennis R. Paulson (all are copyright D.R. Paulson)*

Argia adamsi - male Argia johannella - male Argia pulla - male
Argia cupraurea - pair Argia johannella - female Argia pulla - female
Argia difficilis - male Argia medullaris - male Argia pulla - pair
Argia difficilis - female Argia moesta - ovipositing Argia rhoadsi - male
Argia extranea - male Argia oculata - male Argia talamanca - pair
Argia fissa - male Argia oenea - male Argia terira - male
Argia indicatrix - male Argia plana - male Argia tezpi - male
Argia indicatrix - pair Argia popoluca - male Argia ulmeca - male
Argia underwoodi - male

* As a bit of background, Paulson loaned the slides to L.K. Gloyd at the UMMZ in the late 1960s. I came across them only a few months ago, and received Paulson's permission to scan them and put them on the web. The slides are now back in his possession. - MFO, 10/07/96.

Russian Odonata Photos by Eugeny Perepelov

Dragonfly Photos by David Westover


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Epithecas hawking in Marquette Co., MI (by MFO)

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